Office Water Coolers

Keep your employees happy and productive with the power of water.

Rayne Office Water Coolers are a perfect way to keep your employees productive when they are tired, hot, or just thirsty. Because these coolers are triple filtering your water through the normal tap water sources you are saving hundreds to thousands of dollars on Bottled water depending on the size of your company. These water coolers and heaters are also great for coffee, oatmeal, juices, hot tea, and even noodles that juts need added water. Some employees have even changed their lunch habits to bagged lunches that just need added hot boiling water for a full meal. This makes employees happy and productive all day.

Poor water conditions at a job site can make employees depressed and dehydrated but with a Rayne Water Cooler your employees can now enjoy a good cup of Joe to wake up in the morning and clean crystal water during lunch instead of sugary sodas or dirty water. You can purchase or lease Rayne Water Coolers at a fraction of the cost of delivered bottled water or cases of individual bottled water. Not to mention your company is now closer to becoming green since you will never have to worry about throwing away plastic bottles that can destroy the environment.

Rayne Water Coolers for Home or Office

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