Drinking Water Systems

Home drinking systems are a perfect cost effective way to have pure clean water for everyday use.

Rayne’s Home and Residential Water systems provide a perfect crystal clear geyser in your kitchen sink. Provide your family and friends with triple filtered purified water that is as good as the leading bottled water, and in most cases even better.

It is hard to imagine you can have the same drinking coming out of your faucet that you do with bought purified water, but it’s true!

In fact we have tested bottle watered for contaminants and it turns out 90 percent of the bottle water out in the market does not even compare or come close the the purity of our Rayne Drinking Water systems.

Rayne Drinking water systems provide a clean, healthy, great tasting water in the kitchen for easy convenience. Connecting it to your kitchen sink and your refrigerator drinking water dispenser is a perfect way to give everyone in the house hold access to pure water for convenience and luxury without the huge price tag of bottled water.

Take a look at all of our Rayne Water Drinking Systems that could become your most precious home water tap to bring your unlimited pure filtered clean water.

Think about getting rid all those single plastic water bottles taking up space and destroying the environment. No more heavy water bottles that you have to lug around and pick up every time your water dispenser is empty. You may even be surprised about the amount of money you are spending on bottled water that is not as filtered or clean as you think.

Going with a Rayne Drinking water system eliminates all of these problems and reduces harmful contaminants turning your tap water into a self sustaining, everyday clean water resource. This is the most cost effective way to provide an unlimited supply of sparkling clean water with out the bottle for:

  • Great tasting Coffee, Tea, and juices
  • Fantastic Soups, oatmeal, and sauces
  • Gleaming crystal like ice cubes
  • Awesome for humidifiers, steam irons, plants, pets, and aquariums
  • Will not leave heavy salt or water stains on appliances that need water
  • WQA Gold Seal of Approval and certified by NSF and the California Department of Public Health

Reverse Osmosis System

Rayne Pure Plus

Dual Stage Drinking Water

Rayne PuroServe

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