Home Water Coolers

Rayne supplies the freshest water heated or cooled in advanced Water Coolers.

Rayne Water Coolers for Home or Office Rayne Water Coolers are a perfect compliment to the Rayne Triple filtered water systems. Enjoy pure cool blue water hot or cold with a touch of a finger and the convenience of your home or office. With our Water Coolers you will never have to lift a bottle, or take it to the store to get it refilled, or disrupt your home or business with cumbersome deliveries.

We offer all of our Water coolers for purchase or a low monthly cost lease programs. And with all of our water heaters and coolers we have regular filter changes depending on your usage of business type. With our Water coolers that come straight from your home or office water source you can say you are completely green and saving our environment by reducing plastic bottles in landfills.

Rayne water coolers are perfect for any home especially large families with kids. Businesses with large amounts of people that work the 8-5 gig. Gyms and classrooms that have regular classes with large amounts of students.

The Best in Water

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