Whole House Water Coolers

Rayne whole house water systems are designed to keep all flow through out the house sparkling clean.

Rayne Water Whole House Water Filters reduces the amount of water softener salt consumption for a longer lasting clean water source. Not only that, it improves the cleaning strength of laundry detergents and soaps. The Filters also protect and promotes longer life for water pipes and all other plumbing fixtures while reducing and removing rust stains inside of bath tubs, toilets, and sinks. Removing and reducing the sulfur odor you get when you run a sink or tub drains.

Rayne Whole House Water filters once installed are full adjustable for each individual home or business to control up-flow backwash, rapid rinse, air recharge, and down flow service. Each unit is time-tested and hydraulically-balanced pistons are always aligned. Converts excellent flow rates up to 19 GPM continuously to a 24 GPM peak for ultra performance. There are also Electronic or mechanical controls available for even more control over the units.

Each Rayne Whole House Water Filters have a life time warranty for the valve body and tank and up to 5 year warranty for the internal valve and electronics. A complete one year warranty for entire filter system if you are purchasing and other options if you are leasing the units from Rayne Water.

Rayne Key IronMan System

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